Lester Miller Front Porch

Since 2020, “Team Miller” has cut property taxes in half, while increasing investment in public safety, blight removal, public health, parks and recreation, economic development and affordable housing.

Public Safety

$12 million increase in funding, leading to a 57% reduction in violent crime between August 2022 and August 2023

  • Fully funded Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department
  • Funded a pay scale to retain deputies and firefighters
  • Launched the Macon Violence Prevention – MVP – plan using a multi-layered approach to address violent crime 
  • Implemented Blight Fight Initiative, which has removed over 550 abandoned structures since 2021 
  • Crackdown on “vice marts” which are known hotbeds for criminal activity

Community Improvement

$3.5 million increase in funding for recreation and beautification

  •  Clean Streets Matter – removed over 20 million pounds of trash, yard waste, debris and litter from our community
  • Three Convenience Centers opened, reducing illegal dumping 
  • Renovation of former Macon Mall property to provide new city-county office space, the world’s largest indoor pickleball facility, and new auxiliary courtrooms for Bibb Superior Court
  • Construction of a new 10,300-seat amphitheater on the grounds of the Macon Mall property
  • Paving the Way – over $14 million for road repair, repaving and pothole filling

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Passage of the OLOST – leading to a total reduction of 9.608 mills from 2021-2024 
  • Macon-Bibb’s bond rating upgraded twice in 2021, making Macon a better investment

Economic Development

Investment of more than $4 million since 2021

  • More than $650 million in private investment 
  • More than 1,100 jobs created or retained
  • Increased minimum wage for all Macon-Bibb employees to $15/hour
  • Expansion of the runway at Middle Georgia Regional Airport
  • Purchase of property at Gateway to Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park for redevelopment and creation of Bicentennial Park

All of this was achieved while cutting property taxes in Macon-Bibb by half during Miller’s *first* four years.

He is the only candidate Endorsed & Trusted by three local Fire & Law Enforcement Groups

Fraternal Order of Police
Georgia PBA
Macon Firefighters

Endorsed by 5 recent Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce Chairs, representing more than 1,000 local businesses in Middle Georgia.

Lester Miller endorsed Chamber Presidents